05/10/2018: We are proud to play with brasilian black metal cult

Mystifier (Bra) in the last ritual of their European tour at 18/11/2018 in Traffic live club - Roma

03/10/2018: We play in a ritual at 26/10/2018 with Dreariness, Ulfhednar

and Maleficium in FuckSia live club - Roma. 


19/09/2018: We are proud to play in a ritual at 13/10/2018

with Malvento, Infernal Angels and BethShemesh in

Ciociaria Black Fest III at Satyricon Live club - Frosinone.

01/07/2018: We play in a ritual at 14/07/2018 in Terra Madre Fest VI

 - Montelanico.

19/05/2018: Today we release "Macabre Rituali Romae".

Burian live ritual recorded at February 2018 in Rome.

Cassette tape limited edition, 20 copies handnumbered signed.

Self-produced. Raw recording, no mixing no filters.

11/01/2018: We return in a ritual at 23/02/2018 with Ulfhednar and Cruelty Force in FuckSia live club, Roma.

24/03/2017: We are proud to play in a ritual with Urnaa, Fiume Nero,

Dannati at 28/04/2017 in Rock Out Live club - Brescia.

12/03/2017: We return on stage with Necrodeath and ShadowThrone

at 15/04/2017 in Officine Utopia Live club - Ceccano. 


21/01/2016: We play in a ritual on stage with Azaghal (Fin),

Handful of Hate and Veratrum at 03/03/2016 in Traffic Live club - Roma.


02/10/2015: At 31/10/2015 we play on stage with Dreariness, Acheronte and Nefastoreth in Palaroller Live club - Latina.

28/08/2015: In Magma Pure Underground Festival we release "Live I". Burian first live, recorded in January 2013.

Cassette tape limited edition, 20 copies handnumbered signed.

Self-produced. Raw recording, no mixing no filters.


02/07/2015: We return on stage at 29/08/2015 with Necromass,

Infernal Goat, etc.. in Magma Pure Underground Festival -Campobasso


29/09/2014: We announce that we will be on stage with Dark Haunters at 31/10/2014 in Orange Live club - Pescara.


01/09/2014: We are proud to play a ritual with Nargaroth (Ger)

and Kurgaall at 23/10/2014 in Closer Live club - Roma. 


23/08/2014: For personal reasons Ensis is out from Burian, the new guitarist it's Gravestench.

20/03/2014: We play in a ritual with Nebrus at 28/03/2014 in Frosinone, Dens Affekt Live club. Notte Macabra!


07/01/2014: We inform you that at 04/02/2014 we play at

Roma Obscura festival pre-party at Traffic Live club in Roma.


05/12/2013: We play with Dewfall and Sanitarium in Alatri,

La Perla nera pub at 13/12/2013.


27/10/2013: Today we release the our first self-produced demo "Rancore",  available in:

- cassette tape, limited edition, 33 copies hand-numbered.

- cd-r, limited edition, 99 copies hand-numbered. 

For info. or contact send e-mail at:









Burian it's not a nsbm band or political band.

In our lyrics we treat only what we want to treat, in particular:

nature, environmental destruction, occultism, anti- religion, hatred. 

Of course politic it's not a topic that we want to be treated.

Copyright © Burian.  All rights reserved

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